What does it mean as a senior to have an incredible daily diet?

Studies show good health is all important for Seniors

As we age, diet becomes even more important. In our younger years we could eat whatever we wanted and without a care in the world. Most of us still couln’t put on weight eatiing like that. Then after 30 our bodies slowed down and we had to start watching what we ate and add some diet in. After 40 it can just get near impossible for most people to keep the fat off and there is a reason for that. At this key stage in our lives we all noticed something change about our bodies, but were never quite sure what. Now medical research has found that our hormones take a huge dip right at this age range. For men it is our testosterone and growth hormone levels while for women it is proestrogen and growth hormone. Most of us didn’t catch on to this when it happened to us and now we are much older and much worse for wear. Hormones and what we eat now play an even bigger part in our health and lives. At IGSA Senior Care we take all of these things into consideration when planning out our 3 meals per day and snacks throughout the day.  We create meals that have high nutrient content and help raise those hormone levels which will lead you to a higher quality of life. Our activities director will help you get the exercise side of the equation down. With the food we do our best to avoid sugars and fast carbs as these appear to be some of the top contributors to diseases like heart disease and diabetes. We add as many protein rich foods and good fats to each meal. This is very easy and delicious to do in a place like Nuevo Vallarta where the food culture is ripe with dishes that use local fare such as beans, avacodos, broccoli, coconut and much more. Nuevo Vallarta is known as a culinary hot spot and our master chefs will have you eating like a king on a daily basis.

Memory and Diet are Strongly Related

Studies are now showing that what we eat can contribute to our risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. So we take this into consideration and make sure that our meals have the proper nutrients to keep your brain working in tip top shape. 

Exercise is also just as important

To get those hormone levels up a bit you need to make sure that exercise is included in your daily routine. It can be something as easy as a walk around the grounds to something more physical like weights. Our activity director is on hand to develop a personalized schedule that you will enjoy and make exercise easy. Our community is large enough that there are always enough people for any activity or exercise.

Studies show that consistency matters

Consistancy is the last part of the equation. Living at IGSA makes that part a sinch. Our caregivers are always there to help you stay organized and they are assisted by our on site manager and activities director. When you are living in a great community like ours, your friends will always be there to make sure you make it to the next activity, exercise or meal. 





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