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    I moved to Mexico 8 years ago from Seattle because I had the idea that assisted living would work here. As the years have gone by, I have seen what does work here and what doesn’t in regards to senior care. Even the places that are offering assisted living in different parts of Mexico are difficult to find because of a lack of marketing know how. So here is my rundown of where to look and what to expect.

The 2 locations in Mexico with the most assisted living options are also the places with the highest populations of American and Canadian Expatriates. These towns are San Miguel de Allende and Lake Chapala (Ajijic). Both of these towns have attracted Americans and Canadians because of the low cost of living and the perfect climates. These populations of expatriates have grown over the years and that has brought on the need for assisted living options. The options that have become available are houses that have been converted to senior care communities. They are taking a mix of independent living, assisted living and memory care residents. The advantage of these communities is the low cost. The disadvantage is that they often are under staffed or have memory care residents with assisted living residents. Memory care mean dementia or alzheimer’s issues and they can be very hard to care for and often take care away from the other residents in these situations.

I like that the industry is growing in these areas because it is needed, but I find quite a few things to be problems. The first is the level of care. With most of these communities they only have around 10 residents and the task of caring for them comes down to a few people. That is fine except that the super low cost often means that there is not enough care to go around if needed all at the same time. The other problem is that no community develops in these small scale developments. I have always envisioned a larger community with 50 or more rooms like you see in the USA.

So I have worked hard at trying to find investors or groups that would go in on the idea of a large scale senior care development. I came close a few times, but now it is finally happening. IGSA Medical has decided to open their first senior care community in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This will be a state of the art community with over 100 rooms. We have selected Nuevo Vallarta because of the easy access due to tourism being so large here and it’s international airport. The residents will have easy access to some of the nicest beaches in Mexico and so will visiting friends and family. The community will have a pool, spa, dining hall, large rec room and beautifully landscaped grounds. The tropical weather is great for the residents and means that they can enjoy the outdoors all year round. The community is planned to open in Summer 2018 so contact today reserve your space.

The cost of living in the USA and Canada continues to rise and that makes staying there after you retire very un-attractive. Moving to Mexico allows you access to all the same amenities as home, but at a fraction of the cost and with many new things to discover. Healthcare is one of the biggest cost savings parts of living in Mexico. The greater Puerto Vallarta area is the top destination for medical tourism. You get many world class hospitals and specialists to choose from. Dental care is also extremely low cost. These low costs add another big benefit to IGSA senior care and that is the ability to have nurses as caregivers. In the USA over regulation and rising costs have made it near impossible for communities there to hire trained or experienced medical staff. Sure they will have a nurse as the manager, but when you ask, you will find out that over regulation doesn’t even allow that nurse to perform the most basic of medical tasks to help a resident. They can’t even inject a residents medication. IGSA senior care will be able to handle any care level and we will have a doctor as the manager so you know that you or your loved one has the best care available. Some people will get worried and think, well a Mexican nurse or Doctor can’t be as good as a US or Canadian nurse. Well that is just plain wrong. Doctors and Nurses are educated at the same level as US and Canadian Universities. University is free in Mexico if the student agrees to spend the year after they graduate to volunteer under a state sanctioned work program in their chosen field. So a doctor or nurse after graduating gets an additional year of on the job education. There is this misnomer that healthcare in Mexico is terrible and it just isn’t true. We have some of the best nurses and doctors in the world. Insurance here is very affordable and you will get an amazing experience all around.

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