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No matter what is going on or what you are looking for we can accomodate you or your loved ones needs.

Our community is located in the tropical paradise of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This offers huge savings to you on medical care, medications, dental and living costs

Come join us in paradise where the palm trees gentle sway from the warm ocean breeze…

Expert Eldercare

IGSA Senior Care was founded on this simple principle – A higher level of care, at an affordable price.

In the USA, CANADA and UK prices for senior care have continued to skyrocket while the level of care has plummeted. Prices continue to increase because over regulation and increased competition have driven up the communities costs, they in turn charge more to compensate. These rising costs force them to seek ways to lower their bottom line and one of the easiest way for them is to hire low wage care givers. These low wage caregivers are not medical professionals and most have little to no medical training. This in turn creates a lower level of care community wide.

Fortunately for you we are the solution to these problems. Being located in Nuevo Vallarta is a huge advantage for us and for you. The cost of living is substantially lower here and professionally trained medical personelle are very affordable. This has allowed us to build a community at a much lower cost while providing a much higher quality. It also allows us to hire nurses as caregivers that can attend your every need. We also have a resident doctor that is available on site all week long. These are just a few of the many advantages we offer at IGSA Senior Care.

  • Higher Level of Care at a Lower Cost

  • Nurses as Caregivers & a Doctor on site as manager

  • A Tropical Paradise Location with access to all the amenities back home


More and more people from Canada and America choose Nuevo Vallarta as a top destination for Senior Care, Assisted Living or retirement due to a variety of reasons. This tropical paradise is especially appealing for dental and medical tourism because of the professional doctors, dentists and affordable medical procedures that cost about a fifth or less of what they would have to pay for the same treatment in their own countries.

This explains the fact that people prefer to live in Mexico after their retirement, when they will no longer worry about the expenses they will pay for caregivers and doctors. IGSA Senior Care offers people a room with all the needed amenities in it and appropriate care for a very affordable price. The rooms feature an open panorama and provide patients with the opportunity to combine natural and medical treatment, taking advantage of sun and various water activities.

For Residents that want to explore the magical area known as Riviera Nayarit, they will discover small beach towns with endless wonder. The weather is tropical which means perfect 80 degree winters and warm summers. In town a massage that continues for an hour costs less than $20, while having a lunch in a great restaurant will cost people between 10 and 20 dollars. Many of the stores are familiar places like Costco, Walmart, Sams Club. There is a thriving expat community which means just about anything you would miss back home, you will find here.

So Join us in this tropical Paradise where the ocean water is always warm and the palm trees sway gently in the breeze.



It is an established fact that active brains keep people healthy and live longer At IGSA Senior Care we ensure that your have activities and events  planned out daily.

Our on site spa allows you to relax and rehabilitate. Professional massage therapists offer a weekly line up of techniques and procedures to either invigorate, relax or heal.


Our Pool is used for taking advantage of the tropical sun or for rehabilitation. We offer many pool activities such as water aerobics, water volleyball and much more.


Our community is blocks from the beautiful beaches of Nuevo Vallarta. We have daily transportation to the beach and activities there all the time.

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Doctor on Site Daily
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