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Project Description

Welcome to IGSA Senior Care Assisted Living

At some point we all need a bit of help. IGSA Senior care offers the highest level of care available. This is because we have nurses as caregivers and a doctor on staff all week. Since we are located in the tropical paradise of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico we are able to offer this higher level of care at amazingly low rates. The problem with communities in the USA, Canada and UK is that competition and regulations keep increasing which means that money that should be used for care is spent on marketing or compliance issues. We are able to maintain higher standards than these other communities simply because our cost is lower. Another large problem at communities in the USA, Canada and UK is that they cannot handle medical situations or higher level care. This is because they hire people for caregiver positions that have no medical training. Our caregivers are all licensed nurses which makes them experts in any situation. At the end of the day if you need some help with daily living activities you should go where you know the staff can take care of you for the long term and that is just what we offer.

Nuevo Vallarta is part of the greater Puerto Vallarta area and the Bay of Banderas. There are international flights that connect the area to the whole world. The Bay of Banderas is the 2nd largest natural bay in the Americas only behind San Francisco Bay. Since the bay is shaped like a half circle, all the towns are build very close to the sea. There are many small towns along the bay and just outside it that are cululatively referred to as the Puerto Vallarta area. Small surf towns like Punta Mita and Sayulita are to the north while crystal clear waters are the trademark of the southern towns such as Mismaloya and Boca do Tomatlan. For those that love coffee you will be thrilled to know that only an hour drive away lies the Puebla Magica of San Sebastian. This magic town as it is labeled by the UN is a UNESCO world heritage site and grows some delicious coffee.

Nuevo Vallarta was modeled after the canal areas of Miami. There is a main marina in Nuevo Vallarta and the water flows inland to canals that are lined with luxury houses. Nuevo Vallarta has an amazing beach that offers small waves and the ability to wade out to waist level water about 50 yards into the ocean. It is not a surf spot, but offers many other water activities and is very relaxing. There are 2 shopping malls in Nuevo Vallarta, starbucks, carls jr., walmart, sams club and 2 other Mexican grocery Store chains. Some of the best restaurants in the bay are located in this area such as the top rated seafood restaurant The Blue Shrimp or for the meat lovers Sonora Sur Grill. Restaurants are very affordable even at these higher end locations, a meal can usually be had for $25 per person and rivals anything at a top rated restaurant in any major city. Food is a huge part of the culture in the whole Banderas Bay area and they have everything from traditional pre hispanic cuisine to traditional Mexican staples like the taco stand and many options that would be normal to see in the USA or Canada like burger joints or Chinese buffet. Everything that you are used to is at your finger tips with the addition of so many new options.

Safety is always a concern and the press in the USA and Canada love to talk about how dangerous Mexico is. This is simply not true in Nuevo Vallarta and most of Mexico. The narco violence and real issues happen at the border or in places that crime tends to happen anywhere like night clubs and seedy places. Our community is gated and has 24 hour security just to add to that safety. Vallarta has been a top tourist destination for decades and the government does everything to ensure the safety of residents and travelers.

So come relax on the beach with us and forget about the stresses of life. This is your escape to paradise.


Choose Your Accomodations

Our State of the Art Community has over 100 rooms. We have 3 room options to choose from and all offer that lush tropical experience with all the creature comforts of home.

Studio Option
Studio OptionOpen Living Design
This option is available for a more open living arrangement. This studio layout has 381 square feet of living space, Living room, bathroom and walk in closet.
One Bedroom Apartment
One Bedroom ApartmentPrivate and Secure
This is our mid-sized one bedroom apartment that offers 635 sq. ft. of living space with a large living room, bedroom, kitchen, walk in closet, bathroom and a terrace to enjoy the warm weather all year round.
Large One Bedroom Apartment
Large One Bedroom ApartmentExtra Living Space
This is our premier living option as it has 840 sq. ft. of living space with a large bedroom with living room space, walk in closet, bathroom, main living room, terrace and terrace storage. The terrace offers great views of the well manicured lawns and a great place to enjoy the tropical sunshine.