Having an assisted living community in Mexico means that insurance is a big part of our business. Many people are afraid that they might come to Mexico from abroad and not be able to get medical insurance. This could not be further from the truth. After exhaustive research into the different insurance programs available, we at Mexico Assisted Living are proud to announce our partnership with Delamora & Associates Insurance. Mike Keller is the agent that we will be working with to ensure our residents have the best healthcare available. Mike is from Chicago and an expert on the various insurance programs in Mexico. We are working with Mike because his company offers amazing programs that do not have age restrictions on their coverage policies. We want people to be able to move to Mexico Assisted Living and obtain amazing health insurance no matter what their age is.

Mike and I have talked extensively about insurance options and a big question for me was cost. I know that this will be the first thing that our residents ask me. So Mike and I used his insurance program to get and estimate on costs for a 65 year old person. We came up with 2 options for full coverage. A low deductible option and a high deductible option. This is because the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly cost and vice versa. For the low deductible program of under $1,000 USD the monthly payment was about $200 a month for full coverage medical insurance. Now if you wanted a high deductible of around $5,000 USD then the monthly payment drops to near $50 USD a month. Insurance and costs are different depending on factors like age, but this gave me a good idea of what to expect and hopefully for you also. You can always call Mike and he will get you a quote right there on the phone. Mike Keller – 322-224-5484. Here are the programs the Mike has laid out for us.

The first program is called Plan Seguro. They are based out of Mexico City and have been around for about 16 years. They classify themselves as a health insurance provider, while many other companies classify themselves as major medical expense providers. This classification allows Plan Seguro to offer certain benefits that no other company in the Republic can offer. Those benefits are; an unlimited sum insured option, no age limit for acceptance, controlled hypertension or diabetes included in coverage, and same-sex partners on one policy.

Plan Seguro classifies themselves as a health insurance provider because one half of their policy covers major medical expenses, while the other half includes general health coverage. Things included in the general health portion are dental and eye care, extensive annual check-ups, preventive campaigns, and consultations. Their consultations are great because they are unlimited (so you can go 1 time per day, 365 days of the year) and are only a 30% copay each visit (usually about 130 pesos, rather than 500). Included in the consultations are general practitioners, specialists and lab work.

They also have a special deductible. While many companies operate on a “1 deductible per year” policy, Plan Seguro operates on a “1 deductible per incident” policy. “1 deductible per year” means that all medical bills are combined every year and once their price matches the deductible amount, the insurance provider takes over payments for any medical expenses for the remainder of that year, then it starts all over the next year. “1 deductible per incident” means that you have to reach your deductible for each separate incident before the company will pay. But, after you reach your deductible for an incident, the company pays for any bills related to that incident FOR LIFE.

Even though they have no age limit for acceptance, anyone over age 65 or anyone who marks yes to a question in the medical history portion of the application need to undergo some medical testing before they can get accepted. They just need to have a lab test done (urine sample, blood sample, electrocardiogram), and meet with a doctor for a medical history interview.

The other company we work with is called MediAccess. They can be a back up option if people do not get accepted with Plan Seguro or because they think Plan Seguros prices are too high.

We offer 2 different policies from them. MediAccess is considered more of a “micro-health” or “supplemental health” provider. Their goal is to make healthcare accessible to everyone in Mexico. They do this by having a large medical network and a low price. Even though their policies are considered supplemental, we do have clients, expat and Mexican, that buy both policies together, and feel completely secure with the coverage they have. After all, anything is better than nothing.

The first plan MediAccess offers is “DOMO”. In this policy the sum insured is 150,000 pesos per incident. There is always no deductible, but there is always a 20% co-pay. Things that are included are; medications, lab or office studies, hospitalization, surgical fees, anesthesia teams, teeth extractions, and amalgam fillings. The base price for this policy is $445 USD (5,360 pesos) per year.
The other plan MediAccess offers is “Plan Acceso Medico”. In this plan you get as many medical consultations as you want per year, including home consultations, with no co-pay. You also get up to 5,000 pesos on medications per year, with no co-pay. They also provide a reimbursement of up to 15,000 pesos per accident and 110,000 peso coverage for accidental death. The base price for this policy is 2,402 pesos per year.

MediAccess accepts people up to age 75. People between ages 65 and 75 do not have to physically go in for medical testing before they are accepted. They just need to fill out a brief, extra medical questionnaire that we submit with the application. Based on those 2 things the company adds an extra premium on to the base prices I listed above, if one is needed.

I know that this is all a lot of information to take in, but hopefully it shows you just how comprehensive and low cost medical insurance is here in Mexico. For more questions, please email us at josh@mexicoassistedliving.com or call us at 206-855-3239 from the USA or 322-160-8915 from MX.