I was fortunate enough to meet Merry Collins from SkyMed International last week; she is the SkyMed representative for the Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit region. I could tell right away that she has a passion for helping people. She was very interested in our new assisted living community in Puerto Vallarta. Once she knew more about our services and care, she pointed out a few things that might improve our care.

Merry asked me about Medicare and I explained that it is not accepted in Mexico which she already knew. She let me know that just because Medicare does not offer coverage here it does not mean that residents cannot use it. I asked how this is possible and she explained that SkyMed covers the cost to fly clients back to their home town and where they can then receive treatment and be covered by Medicare. SkyMed pays the expense to transport sick or injured in need of medical treatment. Medicare will cover most of the cost of major issues and most of the rehab. By having SkyMed, these residents will be able to go home, get the care and be flown back without the huge flight fees and transportation costs.

So what is SkyMed? SkyMed is a service that is perfect for individuals or families living abroad. SkyMed offers different plans for Americans and Canadians living abroad full or part-time providing coverage for emergency medical transportation back to your home town in case the case of a serious injury or medical illness. This is a great benefit to seniors because of the scenario involving Medicare. Having that peace of mind that you can always go home for care is a great feeling. The doctors and specialists in Mexico provide amazing care, but you never know when you might need to go home for treatment.

Residents of Front Beach Retirement are eligible for a group discount on select plans. Please contact Merry Collins directly to inquire about the different SkyMed plans and your discount.

Merry Collins

US: (832) 497-5312

MX: (322) 168-1644

Email: mcollins@skymed.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/skymedpv